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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Notes on "Inch Island through sunglasses"

The places described in the post "Inch Island through sunglasses" are real, the trip described there took actually place and the post then is but a diary of the trip.
More than for my own (discutable) pleasure of writing, I have posted this story in order for anybody to get to know this beautiful land, this time let me call it just Ireland, with no political distinctions between the Republic and Northern Ireland, land that I am falling in love with more and more as time passes (and maybe also as spring approaches..).

Grianan of Aileach, as Wikipedia reports, is a group of historic monuments. For those interested in knowing more, this is the link to the page that Wikipedia dedicates to it:


From there, Inch Island looks like that:

The bridge that we used to get into Inch Island is the one on the right, while the one that we used to get out is the one on the left. Louch Swilly is the name of the waters sorrounding the island. Inch Island is located in County Donegal, in the north of the Republic of Ireland, not far away from Derry/Londonderry, the city where I live, which is actually in Northern Ireland, just before the boundary.

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