[please redial your call (except you don't mind it or give anybody the creeps worrying about hiding that you mind it so nobody's feelings will be hurt)]

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I'm being positive: it still makes sense!

We might bake as well, so you still bake your two cakes only and we bring the missing ones... The missing ones are those that never got back home!

Arrivi inaspettati

Abbassa lo sguardo perchè pensa di non essere all'altezza; crede che queste ragazze mediterranee che le sfilano davanti siano molto più belle di lei, che a lei manchi qualcosa... Ma l'amore arriverà anche per lei. Forse quello sbagliato, ma arriverà.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Orange desert, blue sky

Orange desert
Blue sky
Electric blue
We are together
Flowing away
escaping from our respective pasts
A turbulent motion
We'll forget each other again:
I will forget you
You will forget me
Another you
Another me
I've learnt it
When I first forgot my mother
Once I would have thought
This would never happen
But here we are
Still alive
Orange desert
Blue sky
Another you
Another me.