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Saturday, 5 March 2011

U.S.A. purpose: the solution (the reflective-as-ein-Spiegel-from-the-collective-point-of-view-solution)

"'And a U.S.A. purpose, desires?' [...] 'This you can't generalize on with most of us, since our whole system is founded on your individual's freedom to pursue his own individual desires.' [DFW]

The truth (or what is suggested by who is speaking as such) is reversed so many times that one cannot remember any longer how many times, i.e. one cannot estabilish any longer whether the point of view being supported was what was initially stated as the truth or rather its contrary; what instead assurges as fundamental is the act of reversing in itself.

[DFW] David Foster Wallace, "INFINITE JEST", LITTLE BROWN AND COMPANY; New York Boston London, 1996; pp. 422-423.

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