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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I remember that I was bored. How much I was bored. Deadly bored. I remember that, in order to defeat boredom, I extract my pocket calculator and look for a divine sign. I therefore don't forget to consider symmetry and multiply a number of three digits given by consecutive odd numbers in descending order - 753 - by that number obtained by the first one by inverting the order, so ascending this time - that is 357 (I did not dare to do the other way round). What I get is 268821. Let us consider this number as made up of three (again - my God, my heart is pounding like crazy! I have to keep calm, 'k, breathe, take a tissue, blow your nose, close the door, sit down, look, you're in your room, the white wall-to-wall carpet, it's your house, nobody's going to do anything harmful to you, you're a nice guy, you did all the homeworks, Daddy's going to give you a little present, you smart boy...

I wake up and I feel good, like when it's summer and it's hot, in the afternoon, and you fall asleep, and saliva spills from your mouth over pillow and you have this feeling like you're still sleeping and the taste of food reaches the throat from the stomach and you feel warm and protected... I am in my room... I look in front of me and what I see is a number

I don't know why this number is there, but the 88 at the center of it is attracting my attention, so I subdivide the number into blocks of pairs of digits, three blocks and something ticks in my head: I turn my head and look outside through the open window: a black crow flies off the windowsill, the flapping of its wings getting further and further away, burned leaves gently soothed to the ground... I come back to my number and realize that the difference between the first and the last two-digit numbers, that is 26 minus 21, is 5, and if 5 is substracted to 8 gives the sum of the digits of the last two-digit number, 3. I ask myself what it means...

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