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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

ShaPeaBLe nIGHt

     IT Won'T Come As A sURPrisE SincE It cONFormS to THe cLIChé, BUt wHEn it'S aBOut wRITing, I HaVe tO ADmIT ThaT yES, it'S True, I GEt wAy mORE insPireD to WRite aT NighT. ThIS Is A sCIEntIFIc stAteMenT FruIT Of obSerVaTIon. OF MaNY obsERvAtiONS. ThE TheoRY to EXpLAIn tHEm, AS one MighT hAvE AlreAdY aRGUed, is THe sTAndArd oNE: thE ArtiFICial dUSK of tHE urbAn nIGHt, BEttER thAn tHE dArknESs, leTTing My EYes See, BUt pREvENtiNG thEM to REcogNIze, OBligES mY iMAgINAtiON To woRK. ThEN i poSt iT In tHE dAyTImE, buT A cAndLE In tHE niGht rePreSenTS no mENaCE As LONg As ITS conTOurs Are VIsIBLe.
     Also SileNCe hELpS out, OR a DistAnt VaGue sOUNd: shAdOWS aRE freE To taKE on a LIFe oF THeiR Own, I CAn cHOose WHerE To seT The ScenE At mY eaSe... I THink IT's Also A kiND of rEBelLIOn... OR RaTHer OF BeiNG faiTHful TO one SelF, beCAUsE It iS thERe tHAt oUR InnERmOST dREaMs CAN be ProJecTEd OUT, anD whAt aRE we More THaN WhaT We wOULd LIKe tO BE?
     UnSpOKEn sECreTS can THen BE whISPerED, 
     WaR dEClarED aND fruStrAteD exPecTAtiONS reVenGed,
     WAyS fouND aND trIPS trAvELled,
     PLaCES reAcheD aND lovES conSumeD.

     wrITIng At nIGHt iS likE HaVing NOthING elSe tO LOsE.


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