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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?
I've entered a loop...
Soon I'll be out of it,
But I don't know
Whether that's good or not...

Will I enter a loop
Endowed with longer and thinner legs,
So light and soundless
Without even one hair,
That I'll recognize it
Only with time,
Much more time
Than I needed this time?
Or a smaller loop
Which'll make me crazy
And will I believe this craziness
To be manageable
And then yes enter a bigger loop
Mammoth like a Pyramid aside the Nile
But rotating even faster?

Will a breakthrough be there?
But why should a breakthrough be there?
Ok, no breakthrough there...

Should I come to an agreement
Or keep staying in my den
Protected by lightning
On top of the mountain?

Will the Gods cheer to me?
Oh, the same error as before:
Why on earth are they supposed to?
I'd better take a decision;
Listen to my voice
Naked like a virgin,
Argentine water falling on stones,
And then finally stop hesitating.

Will I be able to adhere to my decision?
Oh, this endless rethoric game...
We cannot say
What we'll do;
We can only write down
What is true.

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